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Bicycle trails

Cycling through nature, history and landscapes

Exploring Tabiano Terme and its surroundings

Get on your bike!

Tabiano Terme is also the ideal place for those who love cycling.

The area offers trails of varying intensity, duration, and difficulty, not only for the most avid cyclists but for a variety of experience levels.

Tour of Verdi’s Lands

On the roads of Maestro Giuseppe Verdi

Trail length of 60 km and duration of 6 hours with stops, the path is of low difficulty. Executable with touring bike, gravel, and mountain bike. The terrain is a mixture of asphalt and easy dirt roads and is flat.

Once you reach Fidenza from Tabiano, you find yourself among the cultivated fields and the banks of the Stirone river. Discover the Fortress of Soragna inhabited by the Meli Lupi family. Whilst in the 14th-century, the building was a castle with a moat and defenses, now it is the cradle of Parmigiano Reggiano which pleasantly leads to the rural and peaceful atmosphere of the lowlands. This is the starting point of the Terre Verdiane bike route, which winds its way from Busseto to Roncole where you will find the birthplace of Giuseppe Verdi along with the parish church housing the organ with which he learned to play. From Busseto, with the Giuseppe Verdi Theatre, the Casa Barezzi Museum, and the G. Verdi National Museum, we return to Tabiano along scenic rural roads.

Panorama of the Farnese Saltworks of Salsominore

Ancient Salt Road

From where everything originates

Trail length of 50 km and duration of about 5 hours with stops, the path is of medium-low difficulty. It can be navigated by gravel bike, mountain bike, or pedal assisted bike. The route is hilly, with a mixed terrain of asphalt and unmade roads.

From Tabiano, passing through Salsomaggiore and the protected natural area of the Stirone Park, we pedal in the direction of Castelnuovo Fogliani and, in the middle of the countryside, we reach the Abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba, founded in 1136 under Cistercian rule. An area of resurgence, cultivation, and farmhouses resulting from spontaneous architectural projects, this portion of the lowlands is crossed by the historic Via Francigena, which is well signposted. On the way back, it’s worth stopping by Fidenza to take in the unfinished Romanesque facade of the Cathedral of Fidenza.

Tour of the Castles of the Duchy

In the footsteps of Dante Alighieri

A 40km-long trail of about 5 hours duration with stops, the path is of medium-high difficulty. It can be navigated by road bike, gravel bike, mountain bike, or pedal assisted bike. The route is on-road and off-road with an altitude difference of 800 m, making it hilly.


After passing through Salsomaggiore, we skirt the Salsominore moat and the remains of the Roman Baths. We then pass by the village of Scipione and its castle watch over the hills of the Park of Stirone and Piacenziano. As you pedal towards Contignaco, among the first vineyards you will find the small castle where, according to legend, Dante himself stayed for a short period. The castle is now a winery where one can taste and buy local wines. The route ends by passing by Tabiano Castello, a military fortress of medieval origin.

Mountain bike trails

Discover the range of trails

Routes of different difficulty, length, and duration. Here, you can find some real mountain bike trails ideal for regional competitions.

Medium difficulty trail

Around Tabiano

Medium-high difficulty trail

Knights of salt

Medium-high difficulty trail

Castles of Pallavicino

Medium difficulty trail

Road to Montemanulo

Road bike trails

Discover the range of trails

The surroundings of Tabiano Terme offer cycling enthusiasts trails of varying difficulty, length, and duration, all ideal for admiring the history, nature, landscapes, and culture of the area.

Low difficulty trail

Tourist Tour

Medium-low difficulty trail

Hills of sweet flavours

Low difficulty trail


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Trails through the natural surroundings of Tabiano Terme