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Bicycle trails

Cycling through nature, history and landscapes

Knights of Salt

Travelling time, amateur: 3 hours

A long route of medium-high difficulty to discover the valleys that surround Salsomaggiore Terme. The itinerary takes its name from the transits of the ancient salt merchants, who arrived in the town to buy the salt obtained from the salt-bromine-iodine waters of Salsomaggiore.

We suggest starting from the free parking area in viale del Lavoro. You will first proceed along viale Berenini towards the roundabout before continuing uphill along viale Romagnosi, passing in front of the Congress Palace, the old Grand Hotel des Thèrmes, and the Villini district. Continuing on along the asphalt road that leads out of the town and up to Sivizzano, proceed uphill to Vascelli before taking the path that leads to Boffalora road, which has 1 km of double track surrounded by vegetation. Passing the motocross track of the “Predella”, you will arrive on Boffalora road. A distance of 5 km through the hills, which is equally divided between uphill and downhill stretches, will take you to the village of Tabiano Castello. During the last stretch you can see the ancient manor and in the distance the parish church dedicated to Saints Gervasio and Protasio. Continue downhill towards Tabiano “City of Breath” and up again to return to the village of Tabiano Castello before heading towards the village Colombaia and up the road to Variatico. After a couple of kilometres, the asphalt gives way to a double track that will lead you to Bargone road and from there to the homonymous castle with the church dedicated to the Assumption. Passing through a final path of greenery, you reach the bike path of Salsomaggiore Terme. In Campore, you will exit the provincial road, taking the uphill road that will lead you on a path in the direction of Costa Marenga. Ascending a couple of km, you will reach the hill and be able to admire the view. Continuing along the asphalt road, you pass San Rocchino and then take the path indicated by the CAI signs (path P1). Going downhill, which is surrounded by vegetation, you arrive in the small village of Salsominore where the remains of the Ancient Saline lie. Continuing for a few tens of metres, a dirt road on the left will lead you along another stretch of dirt road completely surrounded by hills, which leads to the small village of Scipione Castello. Taking one more stretch downhill along the vegetation and dirt road, you will pass near the Osteria del Castello. Reaching Case Boselli on the provincial road, you will then take Via dei Gelsi to enter the “Parco Regionale Fluviale dello Stirone”. You can fill your water bottles in the rest area, “La Bocca”. As you continue on the path that runs along the Stirone river, facing the single track among the trees of the riparian forest you will be able to see fossil outcrops dating back to the period of the Upper Miocene (8 million years ago). At the end of the route, head towards the SP 109 and start uphill towards Case Moracchi di Cangelasio. A path alternating between asphalt, dirt road, and trail will lead you to the small village of Faieto. Here, the last demanding climb awaits you among the hills that once welcomed the transit of salt traders. From Faieto, you will continue the path towards Mount Pianazzo before once again following trails and asphalt to reach Marzano, where there is the church of Madonna della Neve. The return to Salsomaggiore is downhill. Once in the centre of Salsomaggiore, we recommend a stop in one of the bars, ice cream parlours, or restaurants, which offer some delicious local specialties.

Elevation profile


  • Salsomaggiore

    Start 0,0 km

  • Villa Paradiso

    0,9 km

  • Sivizzano

    4,7 km

  • Località Vascelli

    5,1 km

  • Strada della Boffalora

    7,9 km

  • Tabiano Castello

    13,5 km

  • Tabiano

    13,8 km

  • Tabiano Castello

    13,5 km

  • Variatico

    17,6 km

  • Bargone

    23,2 km

  • Campore

    26,8 km

  • Costa Marenga

    28,2 km

  • Salsominore

    29,9 km

  • Scipione

    32,1 km

  • Cangelasio Alto

    40,7 km

  • Moracchi

    41,3 km

  • Tosini

    43 km

  • Faieto

    43,9 km

  • Marzano

    48,4 km

  • Salsomaggiore

    Arrival 51,5 km

Length: 51 km

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: Medium

Height difference: 1627m

Minimum height: 111 m

Maximum height: 465m

Road surface: Asphalt, dirt road, trail

Highlights of the itinerary

Palazzo dei Congressi

Located in the heart of a magnificent park, the luxurious Grand Hotel des Thèrmes, known for over thirty years as the “Palazzo dei Congressi”, is a beautiful Art Nouveau-Deco building, which allows you to experience the charm of the Belle Epoque.

Hall inside the Palazzo dei Congressi of Salsomaggiore Terme

Tabiano Castle

Built at the beginning of the 11th century, Tabiano Castle was one of the fundamental garrisons of the Pallavicino Marquises, responsible for the control of the salt wells of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano. After centuries of dispute, in the 1800s the castle was transformed into a private home and the centre of a farm.

Tabiano Castle and village

Church S.S. Gervasio and Protasio – Tabiano Castello

The small parish church of Tabiano Castello, built in the Romanesque style of the 16th century, is dedicated to Saints Gervasio and Protasio.

S.S. Gervasio and Protasio Church Tabiano Castle

Castello di Scipione dei Marchesi Pallavicino

The Castle of Scipione of the Pallavicino Marquises is the oldest castle in the province of Parma and among the oldest in the region. It is the only one still inhabited by direct descendants of the founding family.

Castle of Scipione dei Marchesi Pallavicino seen from above

Lorenzo Berzieri Spa

The “Palazzo delle Terme Berzieri” is one of the most complex and interesting buildings of the spa centre. A symbol of European thermal bathing culture and of the town of Salsomaggiore Terme, it represents a unique example of spa Art Deco. This monumental Art Nouveau palace is listed as part of the cultural heritage of Emilia-Romagna.

Lorenzo Berzieri Spa Salsomaggiore Terme

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