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Nature and landscapes

A region to discover

A journey to a unique land

Discovering history and nature

For a quick trip out of town or a vacation of several days, there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the green hills of Tabiano Terme, from a simple walk in the fresh air to a horseback ride.

The journey of discovery begins for visitors to Tabiano Terme in an open-air museum: the Stirone Park. Founded in 2011, the museum plays a role of extraordinary importance from a palaeontological perspective. In the entire area, fossil finds from the Tertiary and Quaternary eras, which have been brought to light by the impacts of erosion, are the protagonists of a story that began millions of years ago.

Continuing the journey, just a few kilometres from Tabiano Terme, visitors become immersed in the greenery of the Botanical Garden of Gavinell. Its 12 hectares and 50 thousand square meters accommodate over 450 species of aromatic and medicinal plants, some of which are extraordinarily rare.
The Garden offers the possibility for guided tours and is also available to school groups. Expert guides instruct visitors about the secrets and benefits of the cultivated herbs.

Experience the territory from another perspective

Not only on foot: the Circolo Ippico Parco dello Stirone offers the possibility to experience the region from another perspective.
Routes exploring the history, culture, natural surroundings, and the food and wine of the region are completed on horseback, with consideration taken for the varying needs and experience levels of the visitors.
We suggest treks and excursions of differing lengths and difficulties with the aim of learning the story of the region through truly unique experiences.

The journey, which began outdoors, continues at MuMAB, the Ancient Sea and Biodiversity Museum, a museum complex where visitors can immerse themselves in the evolution and biodiversity of the region.
Sea salt is the main narrator of this story: the Stirone Valley was once submerged by the sea but, as the sea receded, it left a large quantity of fossil remains behind.

Immersive rooms, information boards, and video projections accompany the visitor in the exploration of the biodiversity of the ancient sea that once occupied the area. The journey ends by showcasing some of the artefacts and totems dedicated to the emergence and evolution of man in these lands.

MuMAB, Stirone and Piacenziano Regional Park