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Everything for your health and well-being

The thermal bath offer

The beating heart of Tabiano is its thermal baths facility

Since its foundation in 1841, it has been able to offer a wide variety of services, responding in a targeted manner to the needs of its patients and visitors, and serving as a place to find serenity and well-being, away from the stress and worries of everyday life.

Aesthetic treatments and the most recent protocols for post-Covid recovery, post-Covid recovery are well combined with the traditional thermal cures and treatments for children.

At Terme di Tabiano each visitor experiences wellness in a unique and exclusive way: the professionals of the facility are at your complete disposal to offer customised programs to find serenity, alleviate stress, and devote time to yourself, regenerating body and mind.

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Among the best sulphurous waters in Europe

Our sulphurous waters

A precious gift from Mother Nature

The sulphurous sulphate-calcium-magnesium waters of Tabiano Terme have an ancient history: the erosive action by the meteoric waters on the calcareous rocks of Miocene origin has given rise to some of the most sulphurous waters in Europe..
Coming from springs and wells, the mineral water of the spa town is cold, with a high content of bicarbonates, hydrogen sulphate and is strongly mineralised.

Already known in the 19th century for their preventive and curative properties, the sulphurous waters of Tabiano Terme are today still among the waters with the highest concentration of sulphates and sulphur gases. Thanks to their high content of mineral salts (sulphates, calcium, bicarbonates, and magnesium) they are used in the prevention and treatment of bronchial, ear, throat, nose, and respiratory diseases (for example: rhinitis and chronic catarrhal rhinosinusitis, allergies, pharyngitis and laryngitis, bronchopathy and bronchitis). Its benefits for the treatment of skin diseases are also recognised.

Our Services

Thermal spa cures

A targeted approach to personal needs

Inhalation care

Tabiano Spa holds the national record for the number of inhalation treatments conducted. With almost two centuries of activity, the large amount of experience acquired and the ongoing research conducted, combined with the extraordinary properties of thermal water, make Tabiano spa the ideal place for the treatment and prevention of respiratory disorders. The treatments offered include showers, irrigations, aerosol, and inhalations, all carried out with sulphur water.

Respiratory Rehabilitation

The services offered by Tabiano Spa do not end with inhalation treatments. In fact, following the therapy with thermal water, patients have a designated Rehabilitation Area at their disposal in the rooms of the spa. The objective of the rehabilitation centre is to consolidate the results obtained with the previous treatments, focusing on respiratory pathologies (both chronic and relapsing).

Skin care

The sulphur contained in the thermal water of Tabiano plays a fundamental role in fighting a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, eczema, acne, psoriasis, and burns. Thanks to the thermal baths, nebulisation- and mud treatments available at the spa, the healing and regenerative properties of Tabiano’s water can be fully harnessed. Following a consultation, each patient is prescribed a personalised treatment path.

Child-friendly spa

Children at the spa
For healthy and natural growth away from medicines

Taking care of little ones

Terme di Tabiano is a place of excellence for the care and assistance of children. Respiratory tract disorders such as coughs and stuffy noses, as well as asthma, ear infections, allergies, and sinusitis, are in fact among the most common conditions affecting children. It is important to intervene as soon as possible, managing these ailments with appropriate inhalation treatments. These have the objective of reducing inflammation and restoring the normal conditions of the respiratory tract. The sulphurous waters of Tabiano Terme have always been an indispensable aid for the strengthening and support of the immune system.

Treatment while having fun

Children from 2-3 years of age are able to access these treatments only after a paediatric assessment. To make their period of treatment more fun, Terme di Tabiano reserves a space entirely dedicated to them. Inside the paediatric department, moments of personal care are alternated with group treatments and playful activities in which children can spend time having fun with their peers.

The Spa helps you to restart

Strengthening the immune system

Terme di Tabiano, known as the Breathing Spa, offers inhalation treatments which, thanks to the high content of hydrogen sulphide, effectively treat various respiratory problems and help to strengthen the immune system.
There are also individual and personalised treatment plans, spirometry, physiokinesitherapy or respiratory gymnastics. At the new Ammonis Centre, an experienced psychologist can help you deal with anxiety and panic attacks.
Terme di Tabiano adheres to the “Safe Spa” protocol put in place last year, which has so far ensured zero infections and permitted spa treatments to be enjoyed in safety.

Tabiano Terme: a destination with many possibilities

Valuable help from the region

The lockdown, social isolation, and worries related to Covid-19 become a distant memory in Tabiano Terme. The resort offers its visitors various activities for the recovery of mental and physical well-being, put to the test during these months. Nature, art and culture, food and wine, sports, biking, hiking, and wellness represent just a small part of what this resort has to offer, which allows its visitors to recharge after Covid lockdown restrictions, and the various other limitations imposed by the pandemic.

Rediscover yourself

Regenerate mind and body

Walks amongst nature, bike rides through the region’s rolling hills, historical and cultural routes, and nature trails, are the starting point to regenerate the mind and body. Immerse yourself in a place of charm and enchantment where you can find yourself and re-connect with what surrounds us.

SPA & Wellness


At Tabiano Terme, wellness is is as simple as enjoying any one of the many relaxing activities that the T-Spatium centre has to offer.
Beauty treatments, massages, wellness courses, face and body rituals are performed with specialist skills by expert professionals. Day SPA, weekend, and weekly packages are also available to guests and visitors, offering exclusive vacations to restore a mind-body balance. Each package is built around the needs of the individual, providing personalised paths as well as general medical consultations, whilst taking full advantage of the healing properties of the sulphurous water.

The place where dreams come to life

An expert at the service of health

To regain wellness, you need to know yourself fully. That’s why T-Spatium employs experienced naturopaths who guide individuals toward a lifestyle that is both conscious of and respectful towards themselves and others.

An effective, educational consultancy offers an experience in which the naturopath works with the patient to create a path of physical, emotional, and mental rebalancing, comprising various tailored treatments. The objective of the consultation is to lead the individual towards the rediscovery of themselves and the renewal of their health and wellbeing.

Continue enjoying the benefits of sulphur water at home!

Once the period of treatment at Tabiano Spa is complete, the patient is able to buy convenient bottles of sulphurous water to take home from the spa.

In fact, it is recommended to continue with the treatment yourself after returning home, to make the most of the beneficial effects of the water’s healing properties.

Tabiano water, nasal spray and spray for dermatological use

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