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Bicycle trails

Cycling through nature, history and landscapes

Verdi’s Places

Travelling time, amateur: 3 hours and 30 minutes

A route of low difficulty pdue to the small difference in altitude distributed over almost 100 km.

A journey through the Castles of the Duchy of Parma, Piacenza and Pontremoli. The tour starts in the spa town (free car park in Viale del Lavoro is recommended) and heads up towards Tabiano, the “City of Breath”, then on to Fidenza and Soragna, with its 14th-century Rocca Meli Lupi, restored in the 17th century.

From here, proceed to the Rocca San Vitale di Fontanellato, surrounded by a moat and embellished by a room painted by Parmigianino in 1524. Take a short break and then continue towards San Secondo with the Rocca dei Rossi, a building later converted into a sumptuous residence.

Elevation profile of the Verdi's Places Trail

The route continues pedalling along the roads of the “bassa parmense” (the Parma Lowlands) to Roccabianca and the castle built by the magnificent Pier Maria Rossi for his beloved Bianca Pellegrini in the mid-15th century. This is followed by a stop in the lands of Maestro Giuseppe Verdi: Sanboseto, Madonna Prati, Spigarolo and finally Busseto.

If you leave the route slightly, you can reach Roncole Verdi, a hamlet of Busseto that is home to Giuseppe Verdi’s birthplace. On the way there are two more valuable stops: the abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba, run by Cistercian monks, where between May and June the famous “Infiorata del Corpus Domini” takes place, during which a marvellous carpet of flowers is set up in the central nave of the basilica. On the way back to Scipione Castello, you will come across the castle of the Marquises Pallavicino, dating back to the 11th century. Return to Salsomaggiore Terme, passing through San Nicomede, where the road runs alongside the Stirone Regional Park.

Elevation profile


  • Salsomaggiore Terme

    Start 0,0 km

  • Tabiano Bagni

    4,0 km

  • Fidenza

    10,0 km

  • Soragna

    22,5 km

  • Fontanellato

    29,9 km

  • San Secondo

    36,9 km

  • Fontanelle


  • Diolo

    53,3 km

  • Sanboseto

    56,9 km

  • Madonna dei Prati

    60,8 km

  • Spigarolo

    63,0 km

  • Busseto

    64,6 km

  • Bersano

    67,2 km

  • Mercore

    70,5 km

  • Chiaravalle della Colomba

    75,4 km

  • Alseno

    79,2 km

  • Castelnuovo Fogliani

    82,5 km

  • Scipione Ponte

    88,3 km

  • San Nicomede

    90,8 km

  • Salsomaggiore Terme

    Arrival 98 km

Length: 98 km

Duration: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Difficulty: Low

Height difference: 420 m

Minimum height: 20 m

Maximum height: 134 m

Road surface: Asphalt

Highlights of the itinerary

Chiaravalle della Colomba (Alseno)
Cistercian Abbey

The Abbey is included in two Council of Europe Cultural Routes: ‘Via Francigena’ and ‘Route Européenne des Abbayes Cicterciennes’. The name “della Colomba” (of the dove) is attributed to a legend, which tells how the perimeter of the monastery was indicated to the monks by a white dove. .

Cistercian abbey in Chiaravalle della Colomba

Castelnuovo Fogliani (Alseno)
Church of San Biagio

The Church of San Biagio Vescovo has a central hut and two rectangular fronts. In the central part, there is a large marble rose window, under which there are five small columns. In the lower part is the portal, with door jambs and architrave in red marble, crowned by a lunette frescoed with the image of St Blaise.

Church of San Biagio in Castelnuovo Fogliani

Parish church of San Nicomede

With records tracing it back to the 9th century, this is the oldest church dedicated to Saint Nicomedes in northern Italy and the main centre for spreading the cult of the martyr. The current building, consisting of a single hall supported by trusses and complete with apse and crypt, is the result of the different phases of construction that have taken place throughout its history.

Parish church of San Nicomede

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