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Food and wine

In the heart of the Food Valley

Wellbeing at the table

The food and wine of Tabiano Terme

Tabiano Terme is not only about health, wellness, nature and sport. Tabiano Terme is also about good food. At the centre of a territory known and renowned throughout the world, is the Food Valley, which offers visitors a traditional cuisine rich in flavours, genuine products and unique food and wine experiences.

The flagship product of local food and wine is the Focaccia of the local pastry shop, “Pasticceria Gatti”. The sweet Focaccia with leavened dough is rich in fruit pieces and requires up to 36 hours of processing. Particularly popular at Christmas and Easter, it differs from the more common traditional cakes, “panettone” and “colomba”, due to its low-fat content.

Excellence of the territory

Renowned wineries produce quality wine

Another speciality of this area is wine: red, white, still and sparkling.
In the hills around Tabiano Terme, renowned wine cellars, such as the Tenuta il Poggiolo, produce the wines of Emilia, with Indicazione Geografica Tipica (I.G.T.) (Typical Geographical Indication) and organise wine and food tours and tastings, accompanied by typical local products: salami and Parmigiano in primis.

Food museums

Soragna Parmesan Cheese Museum

Evidence of historical tradition

The Parmigiano Reggiano Museum is housed in Corte Castellazzi, a historic 19th-century castle near the Rocca Meli Lupi in Soragna. The museum offers visitors evidence of the historical tradition, machines and tools for processing the cheese.

Not to be missed: the exhibition on Parmigiano imitations from all over the world.

How to get there

From Fidenza, continue along Provincial Road 12 in the direction of Soragna.

Museum of Parmigiano Reggiano in Soragna

Collecchio Tomato Museum

An old canning factory

The museum traces the history of “ORO ROSSO” in Parma, follows its cultivation techniques and offers a reconstruction of an old canning factory, with historic machinery.

Not to be missed: the Pasta Museum, set up in a barn in a beautiful courtyard, just above the Tomato Museum.

How to get there

From Fidenza towards Collecchio, then in the direction of strada Giarola to Pontescodogna. It is about 40 km from Salsomaggiore and Tabiano.

Museum of Tomatoes in Collecchio

Polesine Parmense Museum of Culatello di Zibello

Authentic gastronomic masterpieces

This food and wine tour leads to the home of the famous “culatello”. It is only here that the dense, humid fog of the “bassa” (lowlands), which is lapped by the river Po, allows the “soft” maturing of shoulders and breeches, giving rise to authentic gastronomic masterpieces.

Not to be missed: a visit to the old maturing cellar dating back to 1320.

How to get there

From Fidenza, head towards Busseto and then towards Polesine Parmense. It is about 35 km from Salsomaggiore and Tabiano.

Museum of Culatello di Zibello in Polesine Parmense

Langhirano Museum of Parma Ham

The art of Parma charcuterie

The Museum of Parma Ham illustrates an itinerary that allows the reconstruction of the production process of valuable products of the Parma charcuterie art.

Not to be missed: the trousseau of the itinerant pork butcher.

How to get there

From Fidenza to Langhirano and SP665 in the direction of Via Fabio Bocchialini. It is about 60 km from Salsomaggiore and Tabiano.

Museum of Parma Ham in Langhirano

Felino Salami Museum

A product as unique as its territory

The museum documents the privileged relationship established over time between this unique product and its territory of origin. The museum, organised in five exhibition sections, pays tribute to its most beloved “product”, whose history lives on in the magnificent 18th century rooms of the Felino Castle cellars.

This speciality of ancient peasant tradition is the result of the skilful combination of the best pork with the particular microclimatic conditions of the place, which naturally favour the maturing process of the sausage.

How to get there

From Fidenza, take the SP665 towards Felino. It is about 55 km from Salsomaggiore and Tabiano.

Salami Museum in Felino