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Children and families

Fun and learning in Tabiano Terme

An ideal destination for the whole family

An area rich in nature, animals and history

Tabiano Terme is the ideal holiday destination for both young and old. Every child visiting with their family will find Tabiano Terme a magical place, where reality and fairytale intertwine in an area rich in nature, animals and history.


Ancient Sea and Biodiversity Museum

In the Millepioppi area, is the MuMAB, a recently opened museum, dedicated to telling the story of the territory’s biodiversity, thanks to a layout that recalls the colours of the sea and the Po Valley vegetation.

Children will be fascinated by the large collection of exhibits, the faithful reproduction of a shark and the fossil of an ancient whale.

The biodiversity and history of the Stirone Valley are told through didactic panels, interactive stations, video projections and an immersive room.

MuMAB, Stirone and Piacenziano Regional Park

Trekking for children

Short and easy walks

Contact with nature is fundamental for every human being, even more so for children. Tabiano Terme is full of trekking routes suitable for children. Short and easy walks can be tackled without any problem, even by our youngest tourists..


Summer playground

From June to September, Tabiano Terme’s youngest guests, aged between 3 and 12, can enjoy SummerLab, a summer playground held in Cogolonchio, halfway between Salsomaggiore Terme and Fidenza.

In the 3.5-hectare park of a spacious villa, children can play and have fun in the swimming pool, learn new sports on the multi-purpose field and in the gym, and rediscover traditional and creative play activities in the adjacent playroom.

Parco dello Stirone Horse Riding Club

Horse riding and trekking

The horse-riding Club, Circolo Ippico Parco dello Stirone, located in Scipione Ponte, a few km from Tabiano Terme, is the ideal place for children and young people who love animals.

The Centre organises horse riding and trekking, lessons in English, and American riding and archery.

It is the ideal place to organise birthday parties. A camp is also organised for children aged 6 to 16.

Living a fairy tale at the Gropparello Castle

A medieval atmosphere of elves, witches, knights and fairies

If you are staying in Tabiano Terme with your children, don’t miss the attractions of Gropparello Castle, in the province of Piacenza.

No other place will let you experience a fairy tale like this: the Parco delle Fiabe – Italy’s First Emotional Park, welcomes children in a medieval atmosphere of elves, witches, knights and fairies, amidst centuries-old woods, hidden gardens and paths.