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Bicycle trails

Cycling through nature, history, and landscapes

Stirone bicycle route

A splendid 42 km route

The Stirone bicycle route is a wonderful 42 km route to be cycled along the valley floor of the stream of the same name. The route is mixed, alternating between busy and rugged stretches..

During the itinerary, different landscapes present themselves to the cyclist’s view: the river area of the Stirone torrent, rows of the traditional trees of this area (oaks, mulberries, poplars and willows), but also hilly woods, buildings of historical and cultural interest (Fidenza, Vigoleno and Salsomaggiore) and religious buildings, such as the Romanesque churches of San Nicomede and San Genesio. The fossil remains visible during the hike and the flight of the bee-eaters that nest here make the experience even more unique.

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Mountain bike trails

Discover the range of trails

Routes of different difficulty, length, and duration. Here, you can find some real mountain bike trails ideal for regional competitions.

Medium difficulty trail

Around Tabiano

Medium-high difficulty trail

Knights of salt

Medium-high difficulty trail

Castles of Pallavicino

Medium difficulty trail

Road to Montemanulo

Road bike trails

Discover the range of trails

The area around Tabiano Terme offers cycling enthusiasts routes of varying difficulty, length, and duration, ideal for admiring the history, nature, landscapes, and culture of this place.

Low difficulty trail

Tourist Tour

Medium-low difficulty trail

Hills of sweet flavours

Low difficulty trail


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