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Trekking Trails

Walks through the landscapes of Tabiano Terme

Red Trail

A 4 km trail of medium-difficulty that takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete.

Can also be done by running or mountain biking in about 30 minutes. Slightly uphill middle section of dirt road, if walked anti-clockwise.

Start from the centre of Tabiano, Piazza Verdi; at the roundabout, take the road towards Fidenza. After about 600 metres, when you arrive in front of the former petrol station, take an uphill road on the left for about 700 metres. Keeping to the right at the first fork and to the left at the next two, continue along a flat dirt track with two more gentle climbs. Coming out to the left, on the road that leads from Bargone to Poggetto, after about 350 metres beside a house, take a narrow track to the left through the woods for 600 metres. The road to the left leads back to the village and Piazza Verdi. The route is easy to follow in both directions. In the clockwise direction, there is a longer (about 1500 metres) but gentler climb at the beginning. There is a beautiful view from the top over the village of Tabiano, the castle, the surrounding hills and the plain.

Start with 600 metres of flat ground in the village and then an average climb of 700 metres; the climb continues up and down until 2.4 km and then back down to the village at the starting point (4 km). Short route suitable for panoramic walks, for walkers with some experience and a short outing for runners and bikers.

It is possible to extend the route as far as Bargone Castle, a medieval manor house dating from the 10th century: after 2.1 km of the walk, you arrive on the tarmac road that leads from Poggetto to Bargone (yellow dot on the map). You can decide to go left or take the tarmac road on the right which, in 1.75 km, takes you to Bargone Castle and the medieval church of S. Maria Assunta, rebuilt in 1759 in the Baroque style. From here, you have to return along the same road for another 1.75 km and continue on the route, which will become a total of 7.5 km.

Trekking trails

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